The HOMB as a doll carrier 🥰

Today my 7-year-old daughter declared her doll big enough to get into the HOMB.

The belly carrier for the doll, one of my first sewing projects without a pattern, was put aside and my daughter grabbed my HOMB, which is also used in everyday life as a normal backpack.

After she unzipped the bag from the carrier (and I have to say I was glad that the bag element was closed ;-)...) all the straps were set to the lowest setting.

Then Püppi was allowed to climb up.

Unfortunately, Püppi's legs are not yet long enough for the foot straps but let's see, maybe Santa Claus will bring something suitable next year ;-)

It's actually really great how the kids support us as much as they can. They have been used as test children or models countless times.

Even the big one asks when we're out and about if he can distribute flyers again.

I'm just proud of my KIDS.

- from Nina