Frische Luft und Bewegung sind das A und O der Kindergesundheit: Dieser Mama-Rucksack bietet Unterstützung bei Spaziergängen!

Fresh air and exercise are the be-all and end-all of children's health: This mommy backpack offers support during walks!

The topic of child health in Germany is very important. All parents want their child to grow up healthy and fit. Exercise in the fresh air is particularly crucial for children when it comes to strengthening children's health. Many parents underestimate the importance of exercise for children. As a result, many adolescents spend too much time indoors and suffer from a lack of exercise . That doesn't have to be the case! Read here why exercise in nature is so healthy with children and how children can be encouraged to exercise outdoors. We'll also tell you how HOMB backpack for mom and child supports you on walks together.

The topic short and compact

  1. Movement is the basis of motor development and is therefore important for adolescents of all ages.
  2. Fresh air promotes a strong immune system and boosts vitamin D production.
  3. Parents should go outside with their children every day to have a positive impact on their health and development - even in the cold season.

fresh air and exercise for children

Why is exercise important for children?

It is very important that children get plenty of exercise. This promotes their motor development . Physical activity strengthens endurance, muscle strength, balance, coordination and perception. While playing around , your child will learn to jump long and high, catch and throw a ball, and climb and balance.

Why is fresh air important for children?

Exercise for children is best done outside. If your child lacks a daily dose of fresh air, the immune system will be weakened . It becomes more susceptible to infections and illnesses, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases and there is a risk of a vitamin D deficiency. Obesity and poor posture also often occur when there is a lack of fresh air. Children then tend to move too little overall.

Therefore, your child should be outside every day – for at least an hour, regardless of the weather. Fresh air is also beneficial for coughs. It moistens the mucous membranes and relieves the urge to cough. Therefore, you can get some fresh air if your child has a cold. In addition, when you go outside, the number of white blood cells increases and your immune system is strengthened .

HOMB mommy backpack

Child doesn't want to go out into the fresh air: what to do?

Some children are real couch potatoes. When they are asked to go outside, they refuse. You can accept your child’s “no” for now and ask again in half an hour. It is important that you offer suitable activity ideas for outside . Sometimes children get bored outdoors and don't want fresh air. Great opportunities for exercise with children under 3 years of age are offered, for example, in the playground or, if available, in your own garden .

Exercise for children aged 3 and over is even easier to implement than when they are toddlers. Your child has developed some interests that you can use to encourage your child to exercise in the fresh air. Are you interested in animals ? Then visit a farm. Does it like playing with water ? Then it's worth taking a detour to a stream.

What promotes exercise in children?

Exercise in the fresh air promotes your child's fitness, concentration, balance and motor development . You see: It's worth going outside with your child every day and taking short walks to go on hikes .

How can the HOMB mom backpack support this?

Even younger children enjoy running themselves – but only for limited distances . At this age, a hike through the forest can be too much for your child's little legs. But what do you do if you don't feel like always taking the buggy with you? Carrying it on your arm all the time is not an alternative. This is exactly where the HOMB mommy backpack can support you.

The HOMB is a practical one Backpack for moms and dads because it's easy to carry Convert the back carrier . At first glance, it looks like an ordinary backpack for mom's everyday life: Here you will find space for all the items you need on your trips with your child. The practical thing about the HOMB parent-child backpack is that it can be converted into a carrying aid in no time . You then simply carry your belongings in your shoulder bag and the parents' backpack becomes a carrying aid. There your child gets on, is strapped in with a safety vest and can take a break . You can enjoy a beautiful view from your back. The HOMB backpack is therefore ideal for mothers who are looking for a comfortable and everyday carrying aid .

HOMB mommy backpack

Exercise for children: Why you should trust children

There are many reasons to go out with children - whether it's sunny or cold, snowy or raining. Because: Movement in nature has a positive effect on the body and mind . The following seven facts clearly speak in favor of trusting your child to go for longer walks and actively encouraging them to exercise outdoors:

  1. Enjoying nature works wonders - even in bad weather : Children can quickly get into a bad mood, especially when it's gray and raining outside. Sitting indoors all day automatically leads to a lack of exercise. That's why, even in rainy weather, it's important to put on your rain gear and get out into the fresh air. Jump through puddles, collect sticks and throw stones into a small stream. You will see: active exercise outdoors will have a beneficial effect on your child's mood.
  2. Digital media is a risk for children : If even the little ones don't go outside enough, the risk of excessive media consumption increases. Because children are plagued by boredom, they often sit in front of their tablet and television for several hours a day. This can lead to difficulty concentrating, sleep disorders and aggressiveness. Children who play outside do not think about media as they are well occupied.
  3. Spending time outdoors prevents vitamin D deficiency : Sufficient vitamin D is particularly important for adolescents. It strengthens the immune system and ensures healthy bones. To produce vitamin D, the body needs UV radiation from sunlight. For this reason alone, it makes sense to be outside for at least an hour every day. Because: Even when the sky is cloudy, UV radiation still reaches the skin and stimulates vitamin D production.
  4. Too little exercise can impair development : If a child sits a lot indoors, the risk of developmental delays increases. Poor posture and obesity are common consequences of a lack of exercise in childhood. But colds are also a risk if there is a lack of fresh air. The dry air indoors can dry out the mucous membranes, increasing the risk of infections.
  5. A balanced diet also helps : outdoor activities and lots of exercise are only one side of the coin when it comes to your child's healthy development. In addition, a balanced diet plays an important role in the immune system and growth. Make sure that your little one eats plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grain products. When going out in nature, pack a few healthy snacks such as vegetable sticks or nuts.
  6. Parents also benefit from the fresh air : Of course, the same applies to adults as to children. There are also many benefits for parents to exercise regularly in the fresh air. Therefore, you should go outside with your child every day in summer and winter. You're doing something good for your vitamin D levels and your physical fitness. At the same time, you collect valuable memories together with your child when you play outside together or do something great.
  7. Outdoor exercise promotes social contacts - and together you are less alone : ​​children come together with other children during visits to the playground, trips to the lake or hikes in the mountains. This means your little one experiences important social interactions, which also have a positive effect on their development.

HOMB mommy backpack


Lots of exercise in the fresh air is the be-all and end-all for children's health . Go on regular hikes or walks with your child or organize other outings and activities in nature. Just at When going on trips with children , it is worth having a carrying aid with you - such as the HOMB backpack for parents . Then your child can recharge their battery every now and then if they no longer feel like walking themselves.

HOMB mommy backpack


Does fresh air make children tired?

Fresh air in itself does not make children tired, on the contrary: vitamin D and oxygen have a positive effect on the performance of the body and mind. Of course, a lot of exercise in the fresh air can mean that children are exhausted in the evening - and therefore fall asleep quickly.

How much exercise does a child need?

Children and young people should be active and exercise for at least 60 minutes every day. There is no such thing as too much activity: adolescents are allowed to move as much as they want.

How often should my child get some fresh air?

Children should be outside every day - regardless of the weather. Experts recommend at least an hour of fresh air a day.

Why is exercise important for children?

Movement is important for children in many ways: it trains perception, body awareness, coordination and concentration. In addition, sufficient exercise prevents poor posture and strengthens the immune system.

What promotes exercise in children?

Regular exercise promotes endurance, attention, concentration, balance and motor development.