HOMB Kinder-Tragerucksack vs. Kraxe: Wo liegen die Unterschiede und welche Vorteile bietet der Tragerucksack?

HOMB children's carrying backpack vs. Kraxe: What are the differences and what advantages does the carrying backpack offer?

Once they reach walking age, the buggy is out of the question for most small children. They would rather walk themselves. Of course, we as parents are happy about that, but unfortunately the kids run out of breath quicker than expected. Now it gets tiring for mom or dad because the child wants to be held. If you now have your own backpack, balance bike or shopping to carry, the situation quickly becomes torture. A children's carrying backpack can help here . Simply let your child get on and take them comfortably on your back. Your child's weight is distributed comfortably on your back. This prevents pain and tension. At the same time, your hands remain free.

You can find various child carriers in stores for this very purpose. The baby sling or baby carrier is primarily intended for the first months of life. From toddlerhood onwards, the children's daycare is very popular with parents. A new alternative is the HOMB parent backpack with back carrier . Here you can find out how the two systems differ and why the HOMB carrying backpack is perfect for parents with small children in everyday life.

    HOMB children's backpack

    The topic short and compact

    1. Carrying backpacks are an ideal alternative to the bulky buggy when you are out in nature with your child and they no longer want to walk.
    2. A carrier offers a high level of comfort for the wearer and child, but has a high weight and is very bulky.
    3. The HOMB backpack is perfect for everyday use - be it for long walks, a shopping trip, the way to the playground or a hike through the forest.

    Why use a baby carrier for your child?

    Most parents are happy when their offspring begins to walk on their own. Finally you can go on longer trips and you no longer have to carry the buggy with you all the time. However, the small feet cannot carry your child that far at the beginning. We parents tend to overestimate the stamina of our beginner runners . The result: You end up carrying your child in your arms, which puts a long-term strain on your back. Tension and pain are inevitable when worn on one side. An alternative is to put the offspring on your shoulders. But sooner or later this also leads to neck pain and headaches. Also, it is not comfortable for most children.

    That's exactly why many parents don't want to do without a baby carrier. If your child gets tired while running, you can simply pack them in a backpack or carrier . This means you can transport it comfortably and painlessly on your back. This is a classic win-win situation : you can keep running without whining and your little darling is happy too. He can rest and enjoy a great view of the surrounding area. A baby carrier is ideal for hiking, shopping trips or long walks in the forest and on the beach .

    What different options are there?

    If you look around for a child carrier in stores, you will find many different systems. There are:

    • Sling or baby carrier : This allows you to carry your baby in front of your body as well as on your back. They are particularly suitable for babies and early toddlers up to around three years of age.
    • Kraxe : The padded carrying system is worn on the back like a backpack. It is suitable for children aged around eight months. Depending on the model, cranes up to around 25 kilograms can be used.
    • HOMB carrying backpack for children : The system is still new on the market. This is a classic backpack that can be converted into a child carrier if necessary. It is designed for children aged one and a half years up to school age.

    Which solution you choose depends primarily on the desired area of ​​application . Classic slings or baby carriers are often used to help you fall asleep. A carrying backpack for children such as a Kraxe or the solution from HOMB serves a different purpose. The kids usually stay awake here and can simply take a breather when their little feet are tired. In the next sections we will explain the most important differences between the baby carrier and the HOMB carrier backpack. We want to make your purchasing decision easier for you.

    What is the HOMB carrying backpack?

    At first glance, the HOMB carrying backpack looks like an ordinary daypack . It offers you space for everything you need when you're out and about with your child: for example, changing utensils, snacks, pacifiers, tissues and a wallet. It also has two side pockets that you can use for drinking bottles. The highlight: With just a few simple steps you can convert the HOMB into a backpack for your toddler . To do this, you divide it into a shoulder bag and a carrying aid. You hang the bag around your neck and your child climbs onto the backpack. A safety vest will keep it safe and secure on your back. It doesn't have to hold on to itself the whole time. You also have your hands free.

    The HOMB carrying backpack is ideal for a child aged two . But the system can also be used for older children: the HOMB child carrier is designed for children up to the age of four . Even then, occasional wearing doesn't have to be an end. Because: The HOMB parent backpack is suitable for up to 25 kilograms . Many children are only six years old. From this age onwards, they can also manage longer distances or short hikes without getting tired. Then the HOMB will have had its day anyway. Alternatively, it can be used as a toddler carrier backpack or as a doll carrier for a smaller sibling.

    With the HOMB children's backpack out and about in nature

    What advantages does the HOMB backpack have?

    The HOMB children's backpack is characterized by the following advantages:

    • Always with you: You can use it as a normal changing backpack and always have it with you when you are out and about with your child. This means you can always carry your child comfortably on your back in an emergency.
    • High comfort: The carrying backpack offers you and your child a comfortable way to carry. The comfortable padding prevents back pain. At the same time, children really enjoy wearing them because they have a great view and can discover a lot.
    • Lots of storage space: With other carrying systems, there is often not enough storage space for your utensils. That is not the case with HOMB. Here you can find everything.
    • Versatile: You can take the backpack with carrying aid and bag with you - or alternatively just the shoulder bag or just the carrying aid.
    • Lightweight and compact: Compared to a Kraxe child carrier, the backpack is much lighter and takes up hardly any space.
    • Easy to use: The safety vest only needs to be adjusted to your child once. The conversion from a backpack to a carrying aid can then be completed in just a few minutes. You can continue your journey quickly.
    • High quality: HOMB values ​​high-quality materials. If the zipper gets stuck or a buckle breaks, HOMB will take care of the repair even after two years.

    If you have the HOMB carrying backpack with you, you can leave the buggy at home with a clear conscience .

    HOMB children's backpack

    Are there also disadvantages?

    Unlike other carrying systems, the HOMB carrying backpack is not intended for your child to take a nap . You should be aware of this before purchasing. Your little one is standing in the carrier and therefore cannot fall asleep. The HOMB is also not suitable for babies . Your child can only use the backpack when they are already standing and walking safely.

    What is a Kraxe?

    A carrier is a carrying system with which you can carry your offspring on your back. Visually, the children's Kraxe resembles a hiking backpack. It is designed for exactly this purpose: it is particularly suitable for hikes, exploration trips or vacations . Your child is secured in the crib with straps and sits upright. The elevated seating position offers children the opportunity to observe their surroundings and discover a lot. Most crates offer you additional storage space for the most important utensils with compartments.

    Child in the crèche: the advantages?

    Kraxen offer you some advantages as a carrying system:

    • Lots of space: Your child has plenty of space in the backpack and can make themselves comfortable.
    • Can be used as a sleep aid: In most crèches, children can also fall asleep because they assume a sitting position. In this case it is possible to turn off the car without waking your sweetheart.
    • Practical extras: A Kraxe often has useful additional functions such as sun or rain protection.
    • High comfort: A high-quality Kraxe is well padded and therefore comfortable. This applies to you as well as to your offspring.

    What are the disadvantages of a Kraxe?

    However, using a Kraxe also has disadvantages:

    • High weight: Most crates are relatively heavy, even if there is no child sitting in them. This is particularly noticeable when worn for longer periods of time.
    • Bulky dimensions: You have to think carefully about whether you really need the carrier for your trip. It is very bulky and takes up a lot of space in your luggage.
    • Lack of physical contact: Your baby has no physical contact with you in the crèche. You therefore need to dress sufficiently warmly, especially in the winter months.
    • Ergonomically not perfect: The spread-squat position when carrying is recommended, especially for babies under one year old. However, this is not optimal in a Kraxe.

    What should you pay attention to when buying a backpack?

    First, think about what you need the backpack for. Are you planning long outdoor hikes with your child and want to carry them on your back most of the time? Then a Kraxe is definitely a good choice. Your child can sit there comfortably and take a nap. Are you looking for a solution for everyday life and want to have a baby carrier ready for your child at all times? Then you are better off with the HOMB carrying backpack. This means you don't always have to take the bulky and heavy crate with you. Instead, if necessary, you can simply convert the backpack into a carrying aid.

    It is also always important to choose the carrying backpack that suits your child's age : a different carrying backpack is suitable for a child of three years old than for a baby of eight months. Comfort and handling also play an important role in a children's backpack. The most expensive baby carrier is of no use if it just ends up gathering dust in the closet because it is uncomfortable, heavy or bulky.

    HOMB children's backpack product image


    For many parents, a carrying backpack is a great relief in everyday life . It's just annoying to always take the stroller or buggy with you. The children's backpack is a popular alternative. Although a carrier is great for longer hikes, it is only partially suitable for everyday use. It is unwieldy and heavy, so many parents often leave it at home.

    This is exactly where the HOMB carrying backpack for small children comes in. You simply use it like a normal backpack and pack everything you need for your trip. If your child is tired, you can convert it into a baby carrier. You can carry your luggage as a shoulder bag and carry your child comfortably on a piggyback ride . It enjoys a great view and can get off at any time to walk a bit on its own. Your hands are free when carrying it and your child's weight is comfortably distributed on your back. Walking with a small child couldn't be easier.


    When is a backpack suitable?

    The carrying backpack is suitable for children who can already walk safely - i.e. from the age of around one and a half years.

    When is a Kraxe suitable?

    A crib can be used if your child has good head control and can sit freely on their own. This is usually the case from eight months at the earliest.

    How long can my child stand in the backpack?

    In a carrying backpack like the HOMB, your child can stand as long as they want. Many children would like to run for a while on their own once they have rested.

    How do I find the best baby carrier for my child?

    When purchasing, pay attention to how comfortable it is for you and your child as well as how easy it is to use. The best baby carrier is characterized by the fact that it makes everyday life with your child easier.