HOMB Rückentrage 4 in 1: Rucksack, Umhängetasche, Tragehilfe und Wickelrucksack in einem

HOMB back carrier 4 in 1: backpack, shoulder bag, carrying aid and changing backpack in one

Excursions with your child become a great experience with a back carrier. Your child enjoys an excellent view from their elevated position and sees everything that you see. You'll get into conversation better and your bond will be strengthened because you're close to each other. The HOMB is a good back carrier for children. This carrying solution offers you four functions in one: it is a backpack, shoulder bag, carrying aid and changing backpack at the same time . In this article, find out more about the advantages of back carrying in general and the advantages of the HOMB back carrier in particular.

The topic short and compact

  1. A multifunctional back carrier really makes everyday life easier for parents.

  2. The HOMB back carrier is a backpack, shoulder bag, carrying aid and changing backpack at the same time.

  3. When carried on your back, your child enjoys being close to you, can rest and at the same time has a great view of the environment.

What is a back carrier?

A back carrier for a baby or toddler is a carrying aid that you can use to strap your child onto your back. There are many different systems for different needs and age groups . While the classic sling or baby carrier is particularly suitable for a baby, other solutions are possible for small children. The Kraxe is a popular back carrier for 2-year-olds. The HOMB back carrier is a more compact and handy alternative for children of this age.

The HOMB back carrier with 4-in-1 function is a backpack, shoulder bag, carrying aid and changing backpack in one:

  1. Backpack : First of all, the HOMB is a classic backpack. You have enough space for everything you want to take with you: smartphone, food, a change of clothes, notebook, tablet, wallet and drinking bottles, for example. The HOMB can therefore also be used when your children are older and you no longer need a back carrier.

  2. Shoulder bag : The HOMB can be converted into a shoulder bag at any time. If you don't want to carry your luggage on your back, you can simply take the HOMB with you as a shoulder bag. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length and can be adapted to your body. So you are perfectly equipped for university or the job.

  3. Carrying aid : As soon as you use the HOMB as a shoulder bag, the carrying aid can be used. You carry this on your back. Your child has two foot straps available and can sit comfortably in the baby carrier. It is secured by a size-adjustable and removable safety vest.

  4. Changing backpack : You can of course also use the HOMB as a changing backpack. It offers you enough space for everything you need with your baby: diapers, changing mats, wet wipes, drinking bottles and pacifiers.

Especially as a back carrier for a toddler The HOMB is very popular with many parents due to its numerous functions.

Back carrying comparison

What are the advantages of carrying things on your back?

First of all, it offers you an important physiological advantage to transport your child piggyback in the back carrier. It's simply better for your back to carry your child at the back rather than the front. Therefore, the back carrier is the best choice for big children. Other benefits of back carrying include:

  • Clear view: Your child can see more of the environment than in a buggy or when carried on their stomach. It looks at the surroundings at eye level with you. If a slightly older child sits in the back carrier, this also creates interesting opportunities for conversation between the carrier and the child. At the same time, your child's sense of vision is trained because he or she sees more of the world.

  • High level of comfort: Your little one will be very comfortable in a high-quality back carrier for small children like the HOMB. He can rest from the walk and recharge his batteries without getting bored.

  • More freedom of movement: With a back carrier, you as the wearer have your hands free. You can do other activities. Even if you have to push something at the same time - the shopping basket or the sibling's stroller - carrying it on your back is ideal.

  • Great flexibility: A normal buggy quickly reaches its limits on uneven paths or off-road. You must therefore avoid such surfaces with the stroller. The backpack child carrier offers you the opportunity to walk and hike through rough terrain again.

  • Multifunctionality: The best baby carrier can be used in many different ways. For example, the HOMB combines the advantages of a normal backpack with the ability to carry your little one comfortably.

  • High carrying comfort: With a high-quality carrying solution for the back, the child's weight is perfectly distributed across the shoulders, back and hips. Experience has shown that a good back carrier is suitable for up to 25 kg. Accordingly, you can also easily use your HOMB for a child up to 4 years old and beyond.

HOMB as a backpack

HOMB as a daypack

When and for how long can the HOMB back carrier be used?

If you still have a very small baby at home, you can first convert the sling or baby carrier into a back carrier. Most baby carriers are suitable for this purpose. The HOMB back carrier can be used when your child is already running freely. It was developed for ages from 1.5 years to 4 years .

If you have a small and light child, you can use the HOMB back carrier for even longer: It is designed for a maximum weight of 25 kilograms and a maximum height of 1.20 meters . Many children only reach these values ​​when they are five or six years old. Therefore, the HOMB is not just the best back carrier for toddlers. It can also be used as a back carrier for a child over 3 years old. By the way: Even for 7-year-olds, the HOMB does not have to be obsolete as a carrying aid. It is often used as a doll carrier .

What do you have to consider when buying a back carrier?

If you want to buy a back carrier, a few aspects matter. We will introduce you to the most important purchasing criteria in the next sections.

Maximum load capacity

Of course, resilience plays an important role when purchasing a back carrier. Most of the time it ends at 20 to 25 kilograms. There are also back carriers up to 30 kg, but does that really make sense? In addition to the weight of the child, there is also the weight of the carrier and the luggage. Carrying this heavy weight over a longer period of time can be really stressful.

Adjustable carrying and strap system

Every child is different. It is therefore important that the belt system can be adjusted as precisely as possible to your child's body structure. With the HOMB back carrier you have a safety vest available for this purpose. You adapt this exactly to your offspring. Then it is simply put on and taken off. The carrying system of the backpack should also be adjustable and optimally tailored to you as the wearer. This guarantees a high level of comfort.

Enough storage space

Of course, you don't just want to carry your child on your back. You also need space for the most important utensils. If you choose the HOMB back carrier, you will carry everything you need with you in the shoulder bag. Every backpack carrier should have at least one extra compartment for your cell phone and wallet.

Convenient handling

Some back carriers for small children are very difficult to get in and out of. Often a second person even has to help. This is of course a big disadvantage, because experience shows that the carrier tends to stay at home and is not used. The HOMB back carrier therefore offers you and your child the opportunity to get in and out comfortably. You simply squat down, your child gets on and off you go.

Sustainability in manufacturing

Parents always think about the future of their children. This is why they are placing greater emphasis on sustainability when purchasing new products. Environmentally friendly materials are also possible for back carriers. The upper material of the HOMB parent backpack is made of recycled nylon. It is made from rPET – predominantly PET bottles that are fished from the oceans.

With the HOMB back carrier in the forest

What activities is the back carrier suitable for?

The back carrier is suitable for numerous activities:

  • hikes

  • walks

  • Playground visits

  • Shopping trips

  • Excursions (e.g. to the zoo or amusement park)

The HOMB is ideal for everyday use because it is so compact and multifunctional. You can always take it with you and give your child the opportunity to take a breather at any time.

Care tips: This will keep the back carrier looking good for a long time

There is not much to consider when it comes to care, because the material from HOMB is easy to care for. It is best to remove fresh stains immediately with a damp cloth. More stubborn dirt can also be removed with a mild cleaning agent. Then let the back carrier air dry.

HOMB shoulder bag that can be used separately


A back carrier like the HOMB is a great solution for a more flexible everyday life with a small child . You can finally hike and walk more again without having to constantly push the buggy. So it's no wonder that this carrying solution is now one of the must-haves for toddlers' equipment for many parents.


Which back carrier is best to use for small children?

Parents of small children aged 1.5 and over usually choose a crib or the HOMB back carrier.

Which back carrier is comfortable?

There are many comfortable back carriers available in stores. The HOMB back carrier offers a high level of comfort because the back and hip areas are pleasantly padded.

How safe is the child in the back carrier?

Safety is of course the most important criterion for a backpack. Seat belts are therefore very important. The HOMB back carrier allows your child to be securely held thanks to the size-adjustable safety vest.

Is another adult necessary to get on and off?

No, because the HOMB back carrier allows your child to get on and off themselves without any problems. No additional person is needed. But: In some Kraxen, getting on and off really only works if there is another adult on site.