Kurzurlaub mit Kindern in Deutschland: Das sind die 10 schönsten Reiseziele

Short vacation with children in Germany: These are the 10 most beautiful travel destinations

Do you feel like taking a break from everyday life again? Then let’s go on your next short vacation in Germany with the children! You don't have to go far away for a short family vacation. There are almost unlimited options for experiencing a short adventure vacation with children in this country. Read here what you should pay attention to when planning and organizing your short vacation so that parents and children are equally happy. We will also introduce you to the ten most beautiful travel destinations for your short vacation in Germany with children, where every family member will get their money's worth.

The topic short and compact

  1. A short vacation is perfect to escape everyday life for a few days and enjoy some variety and relaxation.

  2. A short vacation is particularly recommended with children, because the family break together is good for everyone.

  3. There are many exciting travel destinations for a short vacation with children in Germany - for example on the Baltic and North Sea coasts, in the Harz Mountains or on Lake Constance.

Checklist for a short vacation with children: What should you consider?

Are you planning a short trip to Germany with a small child or an older child? Then, as with any trip, there are all sorts of things you should consider:

  • Which travel destination is perfect? A different location is suitable for a short vacation with a 1-year-old child than for a family vacation with school children.

  • What is there to discover nearby? Does the holiday region offer something suitable for all family members?

  • Where would you like to stay overnight – in a hotel, a guesthouse or maybe even in a caravan at a campsite?

  • How do you reach your destination – by bus, train or car?

  • How can the children pass the time during the journey? Pack plenty of employment opportunities.

  • What shouldn't be missing in your luggage? Also remember the first aid kit!

With good planning, you can help ensure that your children's holidays in Germany are unforgettable!

Short vacation with children in Germany

Why are short trips so valuable for children?

No matter whether you are planning a trip to the lake or want to take a short vacation to the mountains with the children: every family trip is valuable for children . They initially benefit from the time with their parents and siblings. At the same time, they collect great memories that will last a lifetime. If you take short vacations with your children in Germany more often, they will get to know new regions and cultures and become more curious about their environment . The short trips have a positive effect on child development. At the same time, just like us adults, children find traveling fulfilling. So if you go on vacation with the children more often, everyone involved will be happier and more satisfied afterwards.

Short vacation with children in Germany

Why Germany in particular offers advantages as a holiday destination

Germany is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination for families. No wonder, because our country has a diverse landscape to offer. There are mountains, lakes, cities, forests and the sea. There is also cultural and culinary variety. You will even find the perfect conditions for a short vacation with your dog and child in Germany : for example in the mountains or in wooded regions. A short vacation with children at the lake is also very popular with Germans. Here, even babies can dig in the sand while older children enjoy water sports.

A trip to the mountains is a good idea for a short vacation with a small child . The little ones can be comfortably taken along in a back carrier and discover nature at the same time. For families with school children, a city trip to one of the big cities worth seeing is a good idea. Here the chances are good for a cheap short vacation in Germany with the children. Numerous museums invite you to explore. In the afternoon, zoos, thermal baths or amusement parks offer lots of action and variety. So you don't have to go far away if you're planning a vacation with the kids.

Short vacation with children in Germany

What should you consider when packing?

Packing your suitcase is a rather tiresome topic for parents on every trip. It's not that different from a longer trip. In principle, you need the same basics as for a big summer vacation. The only exception: you have to pack fewer clothes. Feel free to take a look at our holiday luggage checklist so that nothing goes wrong when packing for a short vacation with children.

The HOMB parent backpack and short vacation with children: a perfect dream team

What shouldn't be missing on a holiday with children in Germany is a suitable transport option for the little ones . Regardless of whether it is a visit to a museum, a trip to the amusement park or a hike : small children do not yet have the strength to be on their feet and run all day. Don't feel like pushing the buggy? Then the HOMB parent backpack is a good choice for your short vacation with the children. The practical 2-in-1 solution is a backpack and carrying aid in one. If your child can no longer walk, convert the backpack into a back carrier. Your child can simply climb up and rest for some time while enjoying an excellent view of the surroundings. The HOMB saves space and is therefore your perfect companion for any short trip with small children.

HOMB parent backpack

The 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Germany with small children

The number of wonderful travel destinations for a family vacation is almost unlimited. In our opinion, the following holiday destinations are particularly suitable for a trip with the little ones:

  1. Elbe Sandstone Mountains

  2. resin

  3. Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast

  4. to reprimand

  5. North Sea coast

  6. Borkum

  7. Saint Peter Ording

  8. Europe Park

  9. Lake Constance

  10. Sauerland

1. Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains – also known as Saxon Switzerland – are located near Dresden. Hiking fans in particular will get their money's worth here. There are countless hiking trails of various levels of difficulty with fantastic views.

2. Resin

The Harz offers impressive nature in every season. Here you can explore various themed hiking trails with a variety of hands-on stations. Children also love the Harz region because of the myths and legends about witches, goblins and devils , which are very common here.

3. Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast

The Baltic Sea coast between Wismar and Rostock is wonderfully diverse. Sandy beaches meet natural stone coasts . There are also noble seaside resorts, dreamy fishing villages and old Hanseatic towns to explore.

4. Reprimands

Germany's largest island has something to suit every taste. Discover the treetop path, breathtaking castles or dig on the beautiful beach . The conditions here are also ideal for hiking fans .

5. North Sea coast

On the North Sea coast, children can learn a lot about ebb and flow . If the North Sea has just retreated, you can take a mudflat hike where great treasures can be discovered. In addition, the North Sea coast is perfect for small and large cyclists.

6. Borkum

The East Frisian island of Borkum enchants with its high seas climate , which is caused by the Gulf Stream. The air is healthy and contains iodine. Kilometers of sandy beaches are ideal for small children for digging and swimming. If the weather is bad, it's time to head to the tidal pool !

7. Saint Peter Ording

Do you fancy the beach, sea and sun ? Then off to the North Sea in Sankt Peter-Ording! There are lighthouses, dikes, bike tours, the Wadden Sea and carriage rides that provide variety.

8. Europa Park

The lovingly designed Europa Park in Rust is ideal for small children. There are numerous rides, playgrounds and exciting shows here, so fun for young and old is guaranteed. From here, a trip to Strasbourg or the Black Forest is worthwhile.

9. Lake Constance

There are many sights on Lake Constance - such as the island of Mainau, the historic pile dwellings or the Zeppelin Museum. Even in bad weather you won't get bored here!

10. Sauerland

The Sauerland offers you numerous beautiful lakes and many other excursion destinations for children. For example, visit the Panorama Park , the Kappe adventure mountain or the Sauerlandpark in Hemer .


You see: Germany is a beautiful country with unlimited possibilities for a short trip with children. Here you will find a variety of travel destinations that are great to discover on a weekend vacation. Whether at the lake, in the mountains or in a big city: you are guaranteed not to get bored on your holiday with children in Germany!



Where can I go on a short vacation with children?

Great ideas for a short vacation with children can be found in Germany. There are many attractive travel destinations for short trips with children - for example on the Baltic or North Sea coast, but also in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, on Lake Constance or in the Harz Mountains.

Which short trip destinations are particularly suitable for small children?

If you're planning a short trip to Germany with a small child, the travel destination doesn't have to have much to offer. Toddlers are easy to please and don't need exciting sights or lots of action. For example, a short vacation at the lake with children or a trip to the mountains is ideal.

What do you have to see with children in Germany?

There are many regions in Germany that are worth visiting, especially with children, and are perfect for a weekend getaway with children. These include, among others, the Königssee, the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg lakes, the Rhine region, Cologne, the Wartburg, the vineyards in Werder, the North Sea islands, Saarland and the Bavarian mountains.

Where can you go on holiday cheaply with children?

If you want a short vacation with children in Germany to be cheap, the following destinations come into consideration: the Odenwald, the Hunsrück region and the areas of the Baltic and North Seas, which are not in the typical tourist centers.