Verreisen mit Kindern: Checkliste für das Urlaubsgepäck

Traveling with children: checklist for your holiday luggage

A family vacation is a beautiful thing and at the same time an organizational challenge. We have created a little parent's guide to traveling with children for you here. Feel free to follow our holiday luggage checklist so that nothing can go wrong on your next holiday.

The topic short and compact

  1. What you need to pack with you when on holiday with children depends on the destination and type of trip.
  2. Sufficient clothing, care products, sun protection, a first aid kit and all documents are important.
  3. You should also think about a means of transport for your child - such as a baby carrier or a buggy.

traveling with children - holiday luggage at the airport

What you should organize and do before your summer vacation with children

Of course it's great to travel with children - but where? Finding the perfect travel destination can be difficult. Try to consider everyone's interests and compromise. Once you have decided on your holiday destination, there is still a lot to do before traveling with children:

  • Consider entry and visa requirements: Find out about all current travel regulations. You can always find reliable information at Foreign Office .
  • Check your vaccination certificate: Vaccinations are sometimes recommended or required, especially when traveling to distant countries. Talk to your family doctor and have all vaccination records checked. You can find information about travel vaccinations at the Robert Koch Institute .
  • Check weather and climate conditions: A few days before you go on vacation with children, you should find out about the local weather. Then it will be easier to decide what type of clothing needs to be included in your luggage.
  • Check passports and ID cards for validity: All passports must be checked before vacationing with children. You also need a valid children's passport for children.
  • Find out about currency and payment options: You can pay with the euro in many countries, but not everywhere. Consider whether you want to exchange money in advance or in the country you're traveling to so that you don't incur unnecessary fees.
  • Take out travel insurance: Travel health insurance is recommended so that everyone is insured on a family vacation, even in the event of health problems.
  • Inquire about baggage regulations: If you are traveling by plane, it is important to find out about general baggage regulations from the airline. What can be taken in hand luggage? What about bulky luggage?
  • Equip all pieces of luggage with address tags: Address tags are an advantage so that your luggage does not get lost on air travel.
  • Carry out a household check: Shortly before you leave, you should check your household again. Use up all perishable food, turn off the heat, close doors and windows, and take out the trash.

You see: Especially if you don't just want to travel with children for the weekend, there is a lot to do. The following applies: the longer the trip lasts and the further away the holiday destination, the more preparation is necessary .

Traveling with children and the HOMB backpack

Traveling with a small child: checklist for your holiday luggage

When traveling with children, a packing list is a valuable tool . However, it is difficult to create a general checklist for vacation luggage. For an adventure vacation with children, you need different equipment than for an all-inclusive hotel vacation on the beach. In the next sections we have some tips for you that will help you when packing a suitcase with children.

traveling with children on the train - holiday luggage

Food for on the go

Long journeys make you hungry. Make sure you have some snacks and plenty of water along the way. Sweets lift your mood. Healthy and filling foods such as breads, nuts, trail mix, fruit and vegetables should also be included.

travel pharmacy

Even on vacation, no one is protected from illness or an accident. A first aid kit is a must . The following belongs in it:

  • clinical thermometer
  • Plasters and gauze bandages
  • Ointment for pain, sunburn and insect bites
  • Medicines for colds, diarrhea, nausea and pain
  • Disinfectant

If someone in the family has to take medication on a long-term basis, you shouldn't forget to take them either.


What clothing you need for a family vacation depends heavily on the country and time of travel . Pack enough underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets for all family members. Remember, especially with kids, that they often have to change clothes several times a day. Of course, bathing suits and swimming trunks also belong in your luggage.

Care items and cosmetics

Shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, make-up, changing supplies, toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrushes are among the must-haves on every trip. You should also think about sufficient sun protection . Depending on the country you are traveling to and the climate, a good mosquito repellent is recommended . Detergent may also be an advantage if there is a washing machine on site.

Technology and entertainment

Basic technical equipment makes traveling with children easier. Think of the smartphone including a charger, a camera with memory cards and a navigation device. Maybe you also want to take an MP3 player and headphones with you? Travel guides, books, a travel diary and a few board games also prove to be beneficial on a family vacation with children.

Special for babies and toddlers

When traveling with a 3-year-old child, you need different things than with a baby or a school-age child. Focus on your child’s interests and pack some favorite toys. Also think about your favorite cuddly toy and a few books. Water wings and sand toys are a must on a beach vacation.

Organizational matters: documents and tickets

Before traveling with children, check whether you have all important tickets and documents with you:

  • ID cards/passports
  • Tickets for train or plane
  • Cash and debit card
  • Car rental and hotel reservations
  • Vaccine passports
  • Health insurance cards
  • Driver's license

traveling with children

HOMB back carrier as an alternative to buggy or carrier

Do you want to travel with a small child? Then this is an option HOMB parents' backpack with back carrier as an alternative to buggies and baby carriers. A transport option is particularly important on a hiking or adventure holiday with children. Buggy and Kraxe are the standard solutions, but not necessarily practical when traveling. They are bulky and take up a lot of space in your luggage. The HOMB back carrier is a space-saving and comfortable alternative . The HOMB can be packed as a normal backpack and converted into a back carrying aid if necessary.

You can find more information about hiking holidays in our blog post " Tips for hiking with children: This backpack makes short trips fun ".

HOMB parent backpack

And when I fly: What belongs in my suitcase and what in my hand luggage?

When traveling by air, it is important to know what rules the airline imposes . Before you start packing, do your research. Basically, everything you want to have within easy reach must go in your hand luggage. This applies to all travel documents for the plane, the hotel and the rental car. Medicines, a wallet and a smartphone should also not be missing in your hand luggage. Liquids can be taken in small quantities in the familiar 1 liter bag.

If necessary, you should think about changing utensils, pacifiers and glasses for your children. Toys, books and art supplies also go in your hand luggage so that the kids don't get bored on the trip. For slightly older children aged around three and above, it makes sense to pack their own children's backpack . Everything that doesn't have to or shouldn't go in your hand luggage goes in your suitcase. However, you must also adhere to the airline's regulations in this regard.

Traveling with children: checklist for your holiday luggage

Advantages of traveling with the HOMB back carrier

Many parents now decide against the buggy when traveling with children and pack a baby carrier as an alternative . The HOMB back carrier proves to be practical because it offers many advantages:

  • You don't have to check in any bulky luggage . This makes the HOMB a great alternative to buggies and Kraxe.
  • Transport is easy , which is particularly advantageous on planes or trains. The backpack fits easily under the seat and can be quickly stowed away.
  • Physical contact : When your child stands in the HOMB carrier backpack because he no longer wants to walk, he also enjoys close physical contact with you. This cuddly factor is very much appreciated by many parents and children.
  • In the HOMB carrying backpack your child sees much more of the surroundings than in the buggy . He or she can actively participate in the excursions and marvel at all the attractions just like you.
  • Your hands remain free when carrying it .
  • Carrying it on your back is barrier-free . Steps or stairs are not an obstacle. You benefit from this point, especially if you want to travel alone with a child. You don't have to constantly ask other people for help to carry the buggy over obstacles.

The HOMB back carrier is versatile, practical and comfortable when traveling with children . That's why more and more parents don't want to do without this type of baby carrier when on family vacation. Find out more about the benefits of HOMB children's carrier backpack vs. Kraxe .

Traveling with children and the HOMB backpack


Packing your suitcase is one of the unpleasant parts of traveling with children. With the tips from this parenting guide and our packing list , you will be able to do it without any difficulty. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday with children!


What shouldn't be missing on vacation with children?

In addition to enough clothing, a first aid kit and toiletries, you may also need beach or hiking equipment, depending on your holiday.

What do I need for a beach vacation with children?

When going on a beach vacation with children, think about swimwear, swimming aids, swimming diapers, water toys, hats, bathing shoes, UV protection and swimming goggles.

Where to travel with children?

Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer many close yet beautiful travel destinations. But Croatia, Italy and Spain are also popular holiday destinations for families with children.

What do I need to take with me on vacation for my baby?

Changing utensils, clothing, care items and food accessories are essential in your luggage. Your favorite cuddly toy and toy should not be missing when traveling with a baby.

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