HOMB families

The first parents are already using the HOMB. We look forward to all feedback.

HOMB Bewertung Shirley

My son and I always have a lot of fun with the HOMB. It is particularly practical for me because I am often alone with my son and then do not have to take an extra stretcher with me.

Shirley from Hanover


 HOMB Rezension Julia

Thank you for the great relief on our excursions! Livy loves the view and sometimes being "big"!
Julia from Wennigsen
HOMB Rezension Ramona

So it finally goes forward on every excursion :-) It is really comfortable to carry ... We think the HOMB is great!

Ramona with Ole from Rastede


HOMB Rezension Alica

So I can also easily carry the weight of my older son and thanks to the detailed instructions, getting on was super easy straight away.

Alica from Spenge