sustainable & fair

Our idea of responsibility 

With the HOMB, we wanted to develop a family companion that always keeps an eye on the next generations, even during production.

HOMB Sicherheitsweste anziehen
That's why we've been looking for a production partner for a long time for whom sustainability and fairness are just as important as we are.
And we found it!

HOMB made in Europe
The HOMB will made in the EU, in a Romanian sewing workshop.
We can monitor fair working conditions there as well as resource-saving work processes.


HOMB made by recycled PET

We also think about the future when it comes to material selection.
The upper of the HOMB consists 52% recycled polyester. For this purpose, old PET bottles are fished out of the sea and processed into new yarn. In this way, raw materials can be saved without any loss of quality.


HOMB für ein ganzes Elternleben

However, the most important aspect for sustainable products is a long service life. While conventional carrying solutions often lose their purpose after just a few months or years, the HOMB has been developed in such a way that it can be used as a diaper backpack from the birth of the first child and accompanies young families as an everyday and travel daypack long after it has been carried. 



GLS Klimaneutraler Versand HOMB

Of course, shipping is also important in an online shop. This is CO2-neutral throughout Germany.