Safety first!


Certified safety 

In the beginning - in the first development phase - our own children had to be used for the stress tests. "Now jump!... ok, it's holding... Phew!" ;)

But of course we have the HOMB before the first series production in an independent test laboratory under controlled conditions get tested.

But it wasn't that easy at first!

Since we do not fit into any of the existing standards for child carriers with the patented stand-up function of the HOMB (the EN standards 13209-1 and 13209-2), we had to call around for a long time to find an institute that would work out our own test procedure with us.

To do this, we worked through the existing standards for child carriers together with the PZT testing institute and "picked out" everything that was relevant to the HOMB.

HOMB im Prüflabor

In addition, the specified test procedures had to be adapted. Here the problem was the test specimen. With conventional child carriers, in which the child sits, this is a ball with the corresponding weight. Unfortunately, this cannot be attached to the HOMB.

After some research, the idea came up to fill a judo training dummy with the appropriate weight and use it as a test specimen.

Among other things, it was checked whether the seat belt holds every time the child slips out of the foot straps, or whether the shoes can still hold the weight over a longer period of time or under dynamic stress (e.g. when getting in) even after the 2000th repetition . 

Briefly summarized:
We passed all tests!!!

The child is safely protected from falling out and the carrying element withstands all jumps.