wearing comfort

Comfortable to wear for mums, dads or grandparents

Familie mit HOMB auf Stadtspaziergang

When developing the patented stand-up carrying function of the HOMB, wearing comfort was of course particularly important to us - right after safety.

The backs of young parents are often put under a lot of strain anyway and have to endure a lot. The little ones always want to be picked up or have to be lifted up or down somewhere. We manage with crooked piggybacking or sitting on our shoulders. Of course, this is not pleasant or even ergonomic.


HOMB ErgonomieThe HOMB, on the other hand, provides maximum support for the back when carried professionally piggyback. The entire back surface and the straps are therefore padded in such a way that carrying is not only more comfortable, but also promotes correct posture.

 HOMB Traglast-Verteilung

Even more important than the back support, however, is its relief by redirecting most of the child's weight to the hips. This is ensured by the also padded, extra-wide hip belt. The load is thus optimally distributed.

 Damenergonomie: Der Brustgurt ist höhenverstellbar

Another advantage especially for mums: The chest strap is not only adjustable in width but also in height and is therefore particularly ergonomic for women.


That's how it is for the child

Anyone who is familiar with slings or baby carriers will be surprised that the child is not carried in the spread-squat position in the HOMB. This is particularly preferable for optimal spinal development in babies. However, the HOMB is not a baby carrier, but a carrying solution for children who can already walk safely. At this age, spinal development is definitely complete.

Hände frei

Standing, on the other hand, brings new advantages: the children not only have a better view, but also do not have to keep their heads turned all the time. In addition, you can actively participate in boarding and alighting, so that another helping person is not necessary.  

Die Sicherheitsweste des HOMB
The children stand leaning against the backs of their parents. The safety vest does not cut in and does not cause point loads. It only serves to protect against falling and allows the child to let go safely.