Deshalb trauten wir uns mit dem HOMB in die Höhle

That's why we dared to go into the cave with the HOMB

Our adventure in the Lions TV show

“Wouldn’t a new type of back carrier like this be something for the lions?”

We heard this question so often that at first we laughed at it, but later gave it more consideration.

The pitch itself worried us less. As a startup, you quickly get practice presenting your product idea to interested investors at the desired length.

That's why our thoughts didn't really revolve around the lions themselves. What was frightening, however, was "the cave" - ​​the TV show, all the cameras, lights and commands around it.

Neither of us are, let's say, the typical "I-want-to-be-on-TV" people. We took this step in order to be able to introduce our child carrier and the idea of ​​"in between carrying" for little world explorers to a large audience.

So we entered the cave very nervously. Introducing the HOMB back carrier went really well, even little Levin took part in the first attempt.

Levin out of the cave on the HOMB carrying backpack

Our carrying system was too much of a “niche product” for the lions to make a deal. The target group is simply too small...

But that wasn't a reason to be sad at all. The “too small target group” are young parents who would like to be active with their children and simply want to have a backup in their daypack when they are out and about. And there was so much more of it on the evening of the broadcast than we could have ever imagined...

At this point we would like to thank you again for all the support, the kind words, the great feedback - and of course for the orders!

So our first TV adventure was a complete success!