How do I get on and off?


What age should my child be?

The HOMB is designed for safe runners between 1.5 and 4 years of age. The piggyback rucksack should enable it to be carried in between when your child runs out of breath.


What is the maximum weight my child can have?

The HOMB is approved for children up to 25 kg. As a rule, children are not so heavy until they are 6 years old.


Does my child have to hold on to himself all the time?

No. A safety vest holds your child tightly against your back. Your child should only hold on briefly when stepping on and step into the foot straps themselves.


Can my child sleep well in the HOMB?

No, because the children have to stand on their backs. Due to the eye level with the parents, they have a much better view in many situations and can thus participate much more actively in what is happening. If your child should be overtaken by tiredness, this is not a problem, because the safety vest prevents your child from sliding down.


Can my child slip out of the foot straps?

That is possible. If that happens, however, your child is protected from falling by the safety belt. Bend forward a little. Your child then lies on your back and can relax and reposition their feet correctly. Alternatively, you can squat down and let your child dismount.


Do you need another adult to get on and off?

No. You put the safety vest on your child in a relaxed position and then put on the carrying element yourself. When the hip belt and chest belt are also closed, crouch down briefly and your child steps into the foot straps. It is of course even easier on a bench or a large stone. After standing up, tighten the safety belt briefly and you're ready to go. Help from others is not necessary.


Can your child detach themselves from the safety vest while wearing it?

Just very difficult. Due to the tight fixation on your back and the course of the safety belt under your child's arms, your child has very little freedom of movement. In addition, the clip is provided with a child safety device. Nevertheless, if you get the feeling that your child is trying to get out of the safety vest, squat down, let your child get off and clarify the situation before moving on.


Is it dangerous if my child is too fidgety when being carried?

The safety belt gives your child very little room to move their upper body. His arms and legs are still free. It is therefore not easily possible to throw yourself off balance. Nevertheless, you should react naturally and crouch down if your child makes it difficult to carry by moving too wildly.


Isn't my child too heavy at 1.5 to 4 years to be able to carry it comfortably?

Generally no at first. The HOMB makes carrying it as comfortable as possible for you thanks to its padding in the back and hip area and the shifting of the load onto the hips. However, your child should also run a bit on their own every now and then.


Do I still have to hold my child when carrying it?

Of course not. The safety belt fixes your child tightly on your back. You still have your hands free.


How are the bag and carrying element connected to each other?

With 2 zippers. Disconnecting and connecting takes only a few seconds.


Is the bag water repellent?

Yes, all materials are water and dirt repellent, so your belongings are well protected.


What happens to the strap of the bag when it is integrated into the backpack?

Of course, the belt should not dangle on the outside of the backpack in a visually disturbing way. So you can open the strap and stow the long end in one of the water bottle pockets.


How can I carry the bag when my child is standing on my back?

It is best to put the shoulder bag on first. The strap is long enough to hang the bag at an angle. Then you put the carrying element on. If you push the bag in front of your body, the hip belt and bag won't get in each other's way.


What does everything fit in the bag?

The bag has a standard size. Thus, the filling volume corresponds to that of other known city backpacks. Wallet, keys, smartphone, handkerchiefs, snacks and changing utensils can be safely carried in the bag. There is also space on the outside for two drinking bottles.