More flexibility, more spontaneity, more freedom

HOMB Skizze

Being out and about with small children in everyday life or when traveling is usually somehow "cumbersome". The buggy is always with you - if necessary, it takes up space in the trunk or even on the plane as bulky luggage.

But a buggy can't master stairs, it's also not allowed to use escalators, it doesn't fit through the narrow aisles in the IC or ICE, it keeps getting stuck on country lanes, it's not suitable for hiking. In short: he's annoying. Not always, but – the older the children get – more and more often.

But it doesn't seem to work without it either. Because otherwise it is guaranteed to come at some point: the inevitable "I can't do it anymore!" – in the middle of the zoo, on a city trip, on a walk.

And then? First they put it off, then – after the equally inevitable nagging, defiance and whining – they carry it: piggyback, on their arms or on their shoulders. It's uncomfortable, it's painful, it's hands-free - and that's it for carefree family fun!


We want more (buggy) freedom, without any regrets.

Thanks to our new HOMB, you can dare to trust your children to do something. Little by little, the little ones get used to walking on their own. They practice route mastery until it becomes second nature. And if you run out of breath in between, it's comfortable and safe to wear. The perfect back-up system that can do much more...