Städtetrip mit Kindern – Eine gute Idee!?

City trip with children – a good idea!?

If you're planning a city trip with your kids, you might get horrified looks from other parents and comments like, “How selfish! A city trip is just tiring and boring for children!” But these are prejudices that don’t have to come true. In this article you will get some tips on how to make a city trip child-friendly so that your family short trip to the big city is a complete success.

The topic short and compact

  • A city trip with children offers optimal conditions for a family short trip and a balanced combination of cultural program, games, exploring and learning.
  • To ensure that your trip to the big city with your kids is a success, it is important to choose a family-friendly city with a good children's program.
  • Parents should also free themselves from entrenched expectations, because hours of museum visits or pure sightseeing will not be possible with children.

Small children and a city trip – does that go together?

Admittedly, at first glance, big cities don't seem like the perfect travel destinations for children. The traffic is heavy, there are a lot of people and activities such as culture and shopping are not particularly popular with the little ones. Many parents would like to explore big cities with their kids, but have serious doubts. The good news: You don't have to miss out on a city trip to Germany with children!

In fact, there are many beautiful cities in Germany that are easy to explore with children. Large German cities have so much more to offer than just sightseeing, which experience shows children tend to bore. There are often great offers that are suitable even for the little ones: large adventure playgrounds, exciting hands-on museums and city tours especially for children . Young and older children also get their money's worth on a city trip in Germany in thermal baths, adventure parks, zoos and cinemas.

City trip with children

General tips for city trips with children

To ensure that your city trip is great for the children, you should follow the following tips:

  1. Choose one of the numerous child-friendly cities in Germany: Find out well in advance about the possible city trip destinations, because the offers for children are not equally good everywhere.
  2. Let yourself be carried away by the city: Especially with small children, let yourself be carried away through the streets and see what there is to discover.
  3. Don't create and work through must-do lists: It's certainly good to determine a few things in advance that you want to see. But: Strict must-do lists only create stress and deadline pressure.
  4. Simply enjoy time as a family: Does the toddler no longer feel like visiting the museum? Then go to the nearest playground and just enjoy the time there as a family.

The most important rule for a city trip with small children is to approach it without expectations . Maybe you'll see less of the city on the family trip than you'd like, but you'll still discover more than if the whole family stayed at home.

City trip with children

What should be in your daily luggage?

The packing list for a city trip with children is not much different from a longer vacation somewhere else. It is particularly important for your family city trip to plan your daily luggage well. A handbag may look stylish, but it probably won't have enough space for everything you need. We recommend the HOMB as the perfect companion for the day. In the spacious daypack you can fit everything you shouldn't miss on your city trip:

  • Photo camera
  • Wallet with credit cards and change
  • map
  • enough drinks
  • healthy snacks on the go
  • Depending on the age of the children, wet wipes and diapers
  • Change of clothes
  • Depending on the season and weather, sun protection or rain gear
  • First aid kit
  • pocket knife

Unlike a normal backpack, the HOMB has a decisive advantage: it can be converted into a back carrier for your toddler in just a few steps. If you don't feel like walking anymore, simply hang your luggage over your shoulder using your shoulder bag. Your child can climb into the carrier on your back and will be securely strapped in. So the city trip can continue – stress-free, comfortable and without a bulky buggy.

City trip with children

Savings tips for city trips

Is a cheap city trip with your children your goal? No problem! With the following savings tips you can save your budget on your family city trip:

  • Book a city hotel on the weekend that is specially designed for business people. Prices here are usually lower on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays than during the week.
  • Alternatively, you can sleep with your children in a privately rented apartment . You can find what you're looking for at Airbnb , for example .
  • Avoid taking a taxi and instead take public transport . Here children gain valuable experience - especially those who are not yet very familiar with the big city.
  • Visits to restaurants and cafés are cheaper if they are a little further away from the major sights.

Many museums and other attractions offer discounts if you buy tickets online in advance. But: With small children it can always happen that you don't make it to the attraction in time for the chosen date. A small tantrum can throw your daily plans into disarray. Therefore, you should avoid such discounted cultural offers so as not to throw money out of the window unnecessarily.

City trip with children

City trips for families: These are the advantages

A short trip in Germany with children to a big city is certainly different than with two people. But it offers many plus points. You can travel by public transport, so you don't have to worry about traffic jams. A big city offers a great combination of exercise, relaxation, knowledge and games for the whole family . “Village children” in particular learn a lot about the big city and how to behave correctly in traffic. A well-planned city trip with children that takes place without high expectations is educational, exciting and relaxing at the same time.

City trip with children

The 10 most beautiful city trips with children

Would you like to go on a city trip with your children, but are unsure where to go? The following 10 cities are perfect for a city trip with children:

  1. Augsburg – the city next to Legoland: From here it is not far to Legoland, which is so popular with children . Augsburg also offers exciting house facades, the Augsburger Puppenkiste and the beautiful Lummerland playground.
  2. Hamburg – the cool port city: There are countless child-friendly sights here, a harbor with a great atmosphere and of course the Hamburg Miniature Museum , which makes children's eyes shine.
  3. Berlin – exploration tour of the capital: Every child should know the capital and its history. There are also many child-friendly attractions to discover, such as two animal parks.
  4. Bremerhaven – a city trip to the sea: Bremen’s little sister has a lot to offer – such as the Havenwelten with its modern architecture and many great sights.
  5. Leipzig – Saxony with a difference: The East German city attracts with a beautiful old town, a huge zoo and over 20 bathing lakes.
  6. Lüneburg – beautiful city in the heath: Even if Lüneburg is not considered a big city, a trip to the Lower Saxony city is worth it for families. In addition to the beautiful landscape, the German Salt Museum is particularly exciting.
  7. Munich – the southern capital: A visit to the Bavaria Film Studios is a must on a city trip to Munich. In addition to the Eisbach, numerous museums and of course the English Garden are also worth seeing.
  8. Wilhelmshaven - city with maritime flair: In Wilhelmshaven, children will get their money's worth on the beach as well as in the city and coastal museum or in the shipping museum.
  9. Vienna – family-friendly destination in Austria: Vienna is a great tip for a city trip with children in Europe with a short journey. Children are always welcome here!
  10. Salzburg – the Austrian city of Mozart: Salzburg is comparatively small and is easy to explore even with children. The city of Mozart has a diverse entertainment program to offer for the whole family.

City trip with children


You see: City trips with children can bring joy to everyone involved if you keep a few things in mind. We hope we were able to inspire you with our enthusiasm for family city trips . Pack your HOMB parent backpack , choose a child-friendly city and just give it a try. You will come home with many new impressions and experiences!


Which city is suitable for a short trip with children?

If your short trip with children is to go to a big city, make sure that it is child-friendly. This applies, for example, to Augsburg, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Leipzig and Berlin. Vienna and Salzburg are also worth seeing for children.

Which city is best to visit in Germany with children?

For a city trip with children within Germany, we recommend major cities with a wide range of activities for children. This applies, for example, to Hamburg, Leipzig, Lüneburg, Munich and Augsburg.

What should children see on city trips?

Find out in advance about the city you want to visit and what offers for the little ones. In addition to pure sightseeing, participatory museums, adventure playgrounds and amusement parks are popular excursion destinations for children.

Which city is suitable for city trips in Europe with children?

Do you want to leave the German borders on your city trip? Then a visit to Vienna or Salzburg is worth it. Both cities are child-friendly and ensure that young and old alike never get bored.